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We have the unit size to fit your residential or commercial needs! Contact us today at 239-261-3001 for rates and availability.


  • 3x5x4 - 15 square feet
  • 4x4x4 - 16 square feet
  • 3x6x4 - 18 square feet
  • 4x6x4 - 24 square feet

The above units are 4 feet high and are ideal for Christmas decorations, file boxes, tools, garden and
sports equipment

  • 4x6x8 - 24 square feet
  • 8x4x8 - 32 square feet
  • 4x8x8 - 32 square feet

The above units are 8 feet high and ideal for Christmas decorations and tree, file boxes, and appliances such as washer or dryer, bicycles, garden and sports equipment, clothing.

  • 4x10x8 - 40 square feet
  • 8x6x8 - 48 square feet
  • 4x12x8 - 48 square feet

The above units are 8 feet high and are the size of a standard walk-in closet size. Ideal for office furniture, boxes, motorcycle, couch, clothing, garden and sports equipment.

  • 12x6x8 - 72 square feet
  • 8x10x8 - 80 square feet
  • 8x12x8 - 96 square feet

The above units are 8 feet high and are the size of a large walk in closet size. Will store contents of a bedroom, living room or dining room, office files/furniture.

  • 8x13x8 - 104 square feet
  • 12x13x8 - 156 square feet
  • 18x18x8 - 324 square feet
  • 16x28x8 - 495 square feet

The above units are 8 feet high and are our largest units. Ideal for the person with many items and furniture. Excellent for commercial storage/office files and furniture.


"I have rented a unit at Naples Mini Storage for 20 years and have been very pleased. The place is always clean and the lighting is excellent. As a photographer good air conditioning is necessary for my items, and their pest control is good. The manager is friendly and is constantly willing to be helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend Naples Mini Storage to anyone."
Corky D.
"I have been with "Naples Mini Storage" since Dec. 1994 and have been very pleased with the service, with the facilities and the building...The air conditioning makes it pleasant to work in the building at any hour..The rates are very reasonable also!! I never hesitate to tell my friends to go there with their goods."
"We have been with Naples Mini Storage for 7 years and we won't go anywhere else. The facility is spotless, safe and always well- maintained. The staff is courteous and helpful and the rates are the best by far in town. We have recommended them to several friends and neighbors."
Rob C.
"The facility has always been clean and in my 20 years here, the management has always been very nice. It is a good facility and meets my needs."
Larry M.
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